Global Games Jam 2017

Four team members... Three days... About 2 hours sleep... One game!

Last weekend (20th - 22nd of January) Jay and Sam took place in the 2017 Global Game Jam! This years theme was 'Waves' and after joining forces with Aaron Ashbrooke and Dave hall (fellow professionals also based at the Bristol Games Hub) we made this: SEVERN BORE RACER!

Severn Bore Racer (inspired by the tidal phenomenon that you can read up on here: wiki) is an endless-runner style game built using the Unreal Engine and set on the river Severn. It was built from scratch over 3 days and was presented at the Bristol PM Studio's along with 12 other games.

You can find out more by heading over to the official Game Jam page here:


GGJ 2017 Entry - Severn Bore Racer

GGJ 2017 Entry - Severn Bore Racer