Markerless mocap now available

We’re excited to announce that Meteor Pixel are now offering markerless motion capture services, alongside our existing offering of 2D/3D Art, Animation and Programming!

We'vel have been using motion capture technologies internally over the past 4 years, but its only now that we’ve sufficiently developed and invested in the tools, pipelines and hardware/software to begin offering this exciting new service to our clients.

What’s really exciting is the technology itself! Our new system allows us to record motion capture data without any cameras / depth sensors. All of the sensors are built into a simple lightweight suit that exports the inertia data wireless to a nearby computer.

That means we can record high quality data quickly, at any time and anywhere.

Key Features
  • Fast workflow means you can record your data and get it in game the same day

  • Markerless technology means you can record on site, outdoors… wherever you want

  • Our in-house tools/scripts allow us to clean up and process your data quickly and efficiently

  • Mocap for the masses - the low overheads of this technology means that we can offer this service for clients on a budget