News - September Update

This month we learnt how to walk like a dinosaur!

September's been another busy month for the team, as we juggle multiple projects across several different platforms. Work continues on projects such as The Colonists (nearing its early access release) and Winter Hall, but we also had the opportunity to work a fun educational project about Dinosaurs.

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News - August Update

Despite the end of summer drawing ever nearer, things are definitely still heating up here at Meteor Pixel…

Along with projects like The Colonists and Winter Hall we’ve also got several other projects in the mix - including an exciting new internal project that we’ll be announcing next month!

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News - 'The Colonists' Announced

'The Colonists' announced - a settlement building game from CodebyFire

Its difficult staying shtum when you're working on such cool projects, but now we can finally talk about one of our favourites! The Colonists is a settlement building game inspired by classic titles like 'The Settlers' and the 'Anno' series. Meteor Pixel helped the team at CodebyFire by providing 3D modelling and animation services, transforming concept art into 3D, optimised models.

You can find out more on the project, including lots of screenshots showcasing our work, by heading over to their official website:

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News - Developing Beyond

Winter Hall selected as Developing Beyond finalist

Amazing news! Winter Hall (by Lost Forest Games) has been selected as one of the 2017 Developing Beyond finalists! Meteor Pixel were lucky enough to help the Lost Forest team with the 3D Environment modelling for their vertical slice, designing a range of modular components for the church, wooden cottages, flint cottages, as well as miscellaneous props. We're really excited to see where the project will lead - well done guys!

To find out more, check out this blog post from the Epic website:


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Mini devblog - New Combat Video

Hit detection, robust networking and more...

A quick video showcasing the current combat prototype. Please note: the vast majority of our time over the last 9 months has been invested into the back-end systems, such as robust multiplayer, hit detection, etc...

Click here to view on Youtube


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